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william bordes coach bruxellesFather of two Franco-British children, I was lucky to have fulfilled a life at the crossroads of cultures of the five continents and to meet people of all backgrounds.

I draw from this a deep affection for people, their complexity, nuances, and their immense potential.

And I have this passion constantly renewed both in the beauty of one’s life path, our thirst for personal fulfilment and our transcendence in the face of the difficulties inherent in the human condition.

Because it sometimes happens that despite all our efforts, despite our experience, the forces we have been able to deploy, we are faced with setbacks that leave us confused.

At times, we find ourselves in what seems to be a dead end, of being confronted with impossible choices, that we find ourselves in situations that seem intractable.

I am with you through these turbulences, to find a new path and implement new ways to bring about positive change in your life.

Through the work we will do together, you will be able to exploit your potential to overcome your challenges and embark on the path to your fulfilment.

This coaching will allow you to address topics such as:

  •  Change Management;
  •  Chronic disease management;
  •  Parent-child relationships;
  •  Stress management, anxiety, anxieties;
  •  Self-esteem and self-confidence;
  •  Smoking cessation;
  •  Navigating periods of deep turmoil such as grief, divorce;
  •  Academic or professional orientation;
  •  Quest for meaning, discovery of one’s potential, one’s life goals;
  •  Conflict management, communication;
  •  Getting up after burnout;
  •  Managing emotional difficulties.

My coaching practice draws from over twenty years of experience in change management, certifications, trainings, readings, and seminars covering areas such as Acceptance and Commitment Coaching, Cognitive Behavioral Coaching, Clean Coaching, Nonviolent Communication, Mindfulness, NLP as well as the humanistic theories of Alfred Adler and Carl Rogers.

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Coach à Woluwé-Saint-Lambert | William Bordes

Coach à Woluwé-Saint-Lambert | William Bordes