About me – Chantal Feuerlein

Chantal Feuerlein - TherapistWith an Indian-British and German heritage, I grew up in a multicultural environment in Brussels, living amongst people from different backgrounds and cultures since an early age.

A life full of travellings and encounters led me to develop a passion for human beings, the way cope with difficulties, the survival mechanisms they develop and their drive for personal fulfilment.

Our education, our beliefs and ideals help us understand life but do not always provide the neces-sary tools we need to move on. Just as we experience moments of happiness, we sometimes have to deal with obstacles, trials, losses…

At some period of our life, we’ve all felt like running around in circles, misunderstood, faced prob-lems which seem impossible to resolve. It is sometimes difficult to make the right decisions. These situations can occur at any time in life and are a source of anxiety, loss of confidence and self-esteem.

I’m here to help you face these challenges and give you new tools and techniques that will allow you to adapt accordingly. By getting to know yourself, being aware of your strengths and weak-nesses, discovering your real aspirations, you will be able to make the most of your potential and achieve your goals. Helping you discover your inner treasure and strengths is the objective of my personal development program.


  •  Certified personal coach in development CFD Brussels;
  •  PNL , Transactional Analysis;
  •  Nonviolent Communication NVC Brussels.

Coaching personal development will allow you to work on these different points:

  • Couple Relationship;
  • Parent / child communication;
  • Get to know yourself better;
  • Strengthen your self-esteem;
  • Clarify your objectives;
  • Use your potential;
  • Learn to manage your anxiety, stress, emotions;
  • Find your place and make sense of your life;
  • Non-violent communication;
  • Discover your limits;
  • Manage a toxic relationship;
  • Getting out of a negative pattern;
  • Academic orientation;
  • Improving communication within a family;
  • Reconstructing yourself after a loss or a separation.

My additional specialization in couple’s relationships followed training in couple’s therapy at the IBP (Institute of Body Psychotherapy and Coaching) Zurich as well as with the American couple’s therapist David Schnarch. I am also undergoing a continuous training to become a sex therapist according to the Sexocorporel concept. Finally, I gained expertise in communication management at the Frauenseminar Bodensee.

Thanks to my specialized training and expertise as an experienced therapist, I can advise you on the matters of the mother-child relationship and assist you in conflicts in couple’s relationships. I am also a competent contact person for any education and education-related issues that fall within the scope of social pedagogy. In this area of specialization, I rely on the knowledge gained from my studies and subject-specific workshops.

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