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What is trauma? brussels counsellor psychologist

Trauma is what we call a given event which has led to very strong emotions which haven’t managed to find a place in one’s psyche. Undigested, these emotions remain in suspense and regularly resurface with all the intensity of that first time, even for years afterwards. Recurring and obsessive, they can destroy everyday life’s good moments and prevent the individual from living life’s events to the full. psychologist brussels psychotherapist brussels counsellor

What can be the cause of trauma?

  • Being the witness to a shocking or powerful event psychologist brussels psychotherapist brussels counsellor
  • Having felt intense fear or real danger at an event
  • Having felt powerless and helpless in a given situation

In numerous cases, the symptoms of trauma don’t surface immediately, but can appear days, months, or even years later.

What are the main symptoms of trauma?

  • Being gripped by panic in an unexpected situation
  • Frequently feeling powerless or guilty psychologist brussels psychotherapist brussels counsellor
  • “Replaying” the traumatic event, regularly reliving the situation
  • Making everything linked to the situation a taboo topic, rejecting any reminder or feeling which brings back the memory
  • Being very irritable and having “moments of rage”
  • Being mistrustful, on your guard psychologist brussels psychotherapist brussels counsellor
  • Not being able to concentrate on anything for a long time
  • Suffering from insomnia, nightmares, or troubled sleep

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