Psychotherapy for depression depression

Do you wonder if you are depressed? Seek confirmation from a professional. depression psychologist depression

Diagnosing oneself as suffering from depression or not is not always possible. For a professional opinion, you are advised to speak to a therapist. depression psychologist depression brussels therapy

Certain medical and physiological causes can sometimes bring about depressive episodes, for example. More specific mental disorders can also lead to symptoms of depression. Only a health professional will be able to make a correct diagnosis.

The most common symptoms of depression

The primary signs of depression are often the same signs that we generally associate with boredom, or even with melancholy. Intense fatigue, muscular lethargy, an ongoing loss of motivation for daily activities and enthusiasm for the future are also signs that a bad time is starting. depression psychologist depression brussels therapy depression psychologist depression brussels therapy

Here are some symptoms of a depressive state:

  • Ever-present worries that you obsess about depression psychologist depression brussels therapy
  • Irritability, annoyance depression psychologist depression brussels therapy
  • Mental and physical fatigue depression psychologist depression brussels therapy
  • “Lethargy”, lack of energy and spirit depression therapist depression brussels therapy
  • Problems concentrating and lack of interest for things in general
  • Absences, loss of memory depression psychologist depression brussels therapy
  • Trouble eating, or with yor relationship with food, weight highs and lows
  • Insomnia, panic attacks in the night, difficulty in falling asleep
  • Permanent guilty feeling, generally “highly strung” state

Do you have questions ?psychologist

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