About me

I am a business professional with over 30 years of experience in Technology and Telecommunications companies. I have over 2 years’ experience in Change Management and have conducted Coaching and Mentoring activities in the scope of a Lean project executed by my former company.

I am also involved in the Charity world in Malaysia providing support to a shelter for women with HIV. I lived in Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur with my family for 3 years.

I am passionate about coaching and want to help individuals discover their talents and unleash their full potential. I have a specific interest in helping newly appointed managers to become the leaders of tomorrow. In a very fast changing and demanding economic world, the leader is at the center of the dynamic of the team and needs external support to foster and enhance the team collaboration/cohesion.
I enjoy seeing people grow and helping them along the way through coaching to unleash their potential. This is the beauty of coaching.

I have also developed a « transformational journey » dedicated to women who cured a breast’s cancer, went through a mastectomy, and had a reconstruction surgery.

I have been impacted by a breast cancer myself and went through the whole process; surgery (mastectomy), chemotherapy, radiotherapy, hormonotherapy and finally reconstruction. I know how difficult it is to get heard, listened and understood with care and no judgement.

That journey will help you find the keys to the new loved version of “YOU”.

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