About me

mariana batista sexologue bruxelles

Independence, acceptance, equality. The freedom to live your sexuality without repression. Sexologist for 15 years, my degree in physiotherapy combined with a specialization in Sexology – Pelvic Floor allows me to work with bodywork and sensorial approach.

My work is based on the understanding of your complaint, in an integral (physical and mental) and humanist way, together we can analyze without taboos how we can retake your path of sexual and individual well-being, learning in practice to seek its authentic form, to live a pleasant life through the recovery of self-esteem and the independence of your body.

Listening, mapping your anatomy, understanding what your body can provide in terms of sensations and inspiration for new practices, respect for your rhythm, brakes and accelerators, inclusion, and access to all, are pillars of my therapeutic practice.

Fitting ourselves into a restricted, repressive and punitive model of sexual life subtly silences our ability to feel pleasure, interfering with how we develop our individual and unique relationship with sexuality. Our freedom to be, behave and feel accepted in society must be shaped and lived in a cultural context acceptable to others, but is it acceptable to you?

I propose a welcoming, listening, and sharing space Specialized for women or Couple Therapy, Problems of desire and pleasure, Orientation and Gender, Dyspareunia, Vaginismus, Anxiety in sexual performance, and Pregnancy/Puerperium. I integrate approach techniques that help in increasing, discovering, and exploring pleasure and sex life such as:

  • Pompoarism
  • Positive Sexual Practices
  • Embodiment Classes – Intimacy & Connection.

A journey of discovery of the sexual being, is an intimate reform of habits and patterns, being reborn in the pleasure of being completely yourself.

Develop a positive relationship with your sexuality.

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